Cynthiana Malbec- dry, red wine.  Full bodied, similar to Cabernet Savinoung except with a little a Shiraz.  $5.00/$14.99

Merlot-  Special Edition Merlot....Grapes from Nappa Valley Stagg Leap District...$7.00/$24.99

Chardonnel(Chardonnay)-dry white French Hybrid grape crossed with the Seval grape produces a higher quality taste..$5.00/$11.99

Pinot Grigio-  A dry French. $5.00/$9.99

White Zinfadel- our white zinfandel is a little dry...with a slight citrus finish. $5.00/$9.99

Dry Blackberry- new twist for our dry wine fans. $5.00/$12.99


Pinot Grigio Kiwi Melon- Pinot dry combined with Kiwi melon to make it semi-sweet.  $5.00/$11.99

Chardonnel Peach- we combine our dry chardonnel  wine blended with 15% of our peach wine...has become one of the top sellers. A MUST TRY!!! Goes great with barbeque, ham or all by itself.   $5.00/$12.99

Plum Pinot Noir- 75% plum with 25% Pinot Noir. $5.00/$11.99

Apple Gwertziminer- granny smith apple blended with 25% Gwertziminer....if you like German wine this a must try.   $5.00/$11.99

Apple Reisling-crisp, slightly dry...$5.00/$11.99

Strawberry- a smooth taste with a hint of strawberry.  $5.00/$11.99

Apple Cranberry Cinnamon- our holiday wine with overwhelming demand available now year round. $5.00/$12.99

Pomegranate- pomegranate is all the craze...makes a great addition to great wine. $5.00/$11.99 



Mango-  OUR BEST SELLER!!!! Hilton Vineyard is the only place that makes mango wine outside of Florida, where we purchase the mango's.  Tastes great with barbeque, pork, seafood, mango salad....or just about everything or anything, anytime.  $5.00/$12.99

Just peachy- S.C 90% peaches(Pageland) with 10% Mango.  $5.00/$11.99

Blackberry- we grow Navaho and apache blackberries.  We believe this makes the perfect combination for wine making.   $5.00/$12.99

Blueberry- rabbit-eye blueberries at our vineyard makes a smooth blueberry wine. $5.00/$12.99

Muscadine- Made from our sweet Jemy, Nobel Muscadine.  $5.00/$9.99

Hilton Vineyard

104 South Main Street  Monroe N.C.   Call us @ 704-776-9656

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Raspberry chocolate- blended with real cocoa beans.  $5.00/$13.99

Chocolate-Chocolate Blackberry.  $5.00/$13.99


Whether you like dry or the sweetest of sweet ....we have both and  so many delicous varieties in between!!!!


Sweet Plum/Plum-Knot- 50% of our hearty Plums along with 50% of our delicious apricots. $5.00/$11.99


 Our New Addition Wines:

 * Watermelon-Sweet Chasity                    * Pineapple Pear-Summer

 * American Merlot- Dream Catcher

​* Sangria- a Bankers Delight -Clyde

                   Release of our new                          Raspberry Chocolate.....Sweet Lucielle