​No Tasting after 7:00 when we have Entertainment that Night

​​3310 Crow Rd Monroe N.C. 

Call us @ 

Facebook:  Hilton Vineyard

Email:  hiltonvineyard123@gmail.com

Hilton Vineyard only sells Wine that Hilton Vineyard makes...

Life is too short....to drink bad wine!!!

After 6pm please join us at The Vines

100% of Hilton Vineyard Wine...is fermented...bottled...and labeled in Union County.  We grow 80% of all our grapes and fruits.    The Mango's are then put through the same process as our other grapes and fruits with the Hilton vineyard process to create one our most popular sellers.

Hilton Vineyard


The Vines

Hilton Vineyard

Wine Bar

​on Main

104 South Main St.  Monroe N.C. 

Call us @ 704-776-9656

Facebook:  Hilton Vineyard

Email:  hiltonvineyard123@gmail.com

Hours of Operation:​

Tuesday, Wednesday and      Thursday 2pm-7pm

Friday   12pm - 10pm

Saturday  12pm -11pm

Sunday  12pm - 6pm 

​​​​Hours of Operation:

    Tuesday and Wednesday closed month

​     of January!

     Thursday 2pm-7pm

     Friday 12pm- 6pm

     ​Saturday 12-6pm

    Sunday Closed